handbags imageThe life cycle of fashion always surprises women. Just like handbags, constantly brings them acute attractions. Indeed, a handbag really needs to be in every woman’s must-have list. Somehow, it satisfies their deep-down feelings. Be yourself when hanging out with your friends. Have a wonderful date with your lover. Being confident and make a good impression to your boss. Or even the purpose is to fulfill your collection as a fancy hobby. In specific situations, a suitable handbag really works and emphasizes your outfit. But if you have a wrong choice, this stuff may betray you seriously!

Chose the right handbag

Have you ever stared at one stuff and then being completely into it without thinking? You don’t have to be ashamed because that’s totally normal for human beings, just like love-at-first-sight. But the next step is something that you may regret later. “Buying or not?” Before making any decision, just take a deep breath and think about how it suits you. There are a lot of handbag styles such as tote bags, hobo bags, satchels, clutches in various magnificent designs that you can’t take your eyes off them. A handbag is gorgeous but might not be the right choice for you. Truthfully, choosing a handbag mainly depends on our body type. The funny fact is that types of handbag should be the opposite of the shape of our body. For example, pick a big handbag if you are skinny and tall, somehow the opposite brings the harmony. It is similar when you choose the eyeglasses. A round type ò glasses doesn’t fit a round face; instead, a square or cat-eye style must be a perfect choice.

The first choice is not always the best. If you’re still not sure, don’t mind trying other bags at the store. If you’re not comfortable, just pass and consider more. Women tend to become shy when they try a lot at a store and afraid they buy nothing but you need to stop worrying about this. A nervous mood might decline the quality of choices. Let imagine how it is when mixing this handbags with your dress. Is this combination good? How about the colors? Is it fit with your skin? Or is it suitable for your purpose? Sometimes you need to ask yourself a lot and get feelings. Maybe that’s why in some cases, shopping is stressful!

Fakes & Lookalikes. What difference?

Fakes and Lookalikes handbagThere’s no doubt that one original bag affords a big fortune. That is one of the reasons why some people tend to buy fakes, still the same as the real one but having much more reasonable price. But the remains don’t want to buy fakes and be confused if this is real or not. That must be a very big deal to handbag’s fan. We can’t deny that fakes have gained a quite firm foothold and they’re really good bargains with exactly original designer labels. In fact, fakes are still selling like hot cakes! As regard other word – lookalikes, they are partly created from the original with acceptable prices but sometimes these items can’t give enough satisfaction to shopaholics due to their quality or just simply their infamous brands. Maybe the only difference between both kinds is that fakes dare to use the reputable labels (which makes them illegal), and lookalikes, they use their brand but copy the similar design from big brands. In positive thinking, although selling fakes is against the law but the real brands, especially big fashion brands rarely sue because letting other freely sell fakes is the way they spread their real products. Of course just big brands dare to do this!

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Indeed, fakes cost us much less money but the truth is “You get what you pay for”. In the long term, it seems that these items will be worn out or easy to be affected by the weather or whatever factors that you could imagine! Besides, they’re all illegal but the quantity is too much that the government can’t control. How to recognize these unreal things and avoid buying them? If the costs are too cheap and far away from your expectation, watch out!

Reviewing online

Nowadays, every designer has developed their websites to spread their reputation and gain more opportunities for customers all over the world. You can easily check them to review handbags, from the styles to prices. Thanks to the Internet, we can consider many items at the same time. If you have trouble with the price, don’t worry because commonly they have outlet stores. Besides, you don’t need to buy exactly at their websites. Fashion business is competitive, so as to the price. That’s why there’re a lot of people selling online, and accessories are usually popular items. You can check some popular websites providing quality legal products with reasonable prices such as and Anyway, online transactions do include scams, find out clearly or read feedback of other customers before you decide to buy something.

Worth to invest?

Knowing how to distinguish fakes from lookalikes is not enough. It would be interesting if you know which styles are hot in this abundant fashion market. You may use one handbag several times in a period so don’t mind investing a really valuable one. Specially, every season includes must-have fashionable items that become exclusive. Sometimes, investing in these fancy stuffs is not really a bad thing. Fashion never become old, so as these items. They will be back and become another trends like they are now.

Hobo Bags

To some fashion designers, simple is the best. That could be true with hobo bag. It is one of the earliest types of handbags and also, seems to be one of the most items can’t be old-fashioned. The design is basic, just like the structure of the crescent with a long strap to wear over the shoulder. A classic Hobo Bags is designed with just a single color and no special details. In recent years, it has been modernized with more designs like motif or tracery. There’s some Hobo Bags designed in vintage or retro style by adding a painting in the surface. It’s really fascinating because it’s just like you bring a masterpiece with you all the time.